It’s common sense that skateboarding and soccer go together like fire accelerant and your weird uncle’s BBQ party: no one has any clue what the hell they’re doing, but everyone is just too drunk to give a fuck when shit starts to explode in their faces. That’s at least what Palace must’ve thought when they teamed up with renowned sportswear manufacturer Adidas to collaborate on a fresh drop of apparel and footwear. In a world where everyone and their mother gets a reboot, revamp, spin-off, mash-up, collab and a restart, it’s only logical that Palace has taken a lengthy road trip down memory lane to dig up any piece of nostalgia they can put a tri-ferg logo on. Choo-choo, motherfuckers, all aboard the hype train!

But who’s to blame them? Their re-imagination of the classic Gazelle, for example, looks and feels awesome, especially in its classic 1970s Vienna colorway. As the guys from Palace seem to live the past (not unlike Hungarian industrial techno goths), you can bet your millennial ass that they haven’t pulled any punches with this collection. It’s like going to said uncle’s dusty attic and rummaging through his abandoned wardrobe to find a hipster’s wet dream of retro apparel. Like that one classic shirt the Germans wore to this Olympia event back in whenever. And what’s the one thing Germans are famous for? Exactly, style.

To be fair, it’s not all just blast from the past. Adidas and Palace made sure that their collaborative collection features contemporary fabrics and cuts. In addition, they have also taken on the famous Boost model: available in a solid black and a fancy turquoise, the Palace Pro Boost has a distinctly modern feel to it, while retaining the classic Adidas shape. Also, it says “PALACE” above the three stripes, so that’s a sales pitch right there.

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