Alright kids, listen up. So you want logo decks? Well, better grab your mother’s purse while she’s not watching and head over to the next skateboard megastore to buy yourself some of that sweet, sweet Canadian maple branded so extensively the logo wouldn’t fit a horse’s ass. And while you’re there, get yourself some baby bottles ‘cause you can never know when your mother’s going to burst in furiously and grab you by the diaper for stealing her hard-earned cash, thus interrupting the lavish company tit-sucking you’re indulging yourselves in.

But I digress. The new Polar Skate Co. collection has hit our store and we’re very happy that Pontus and his friends have set their minds to something more ambitious than printing a logo on a skateboard. For example, being the artsy Scandinavians they are, they have teamed up with AMTK, two renowned artists from the US, to design a couple of boards. And guess what? While you kids take your logo boards to the next cool party, we’re having a great time with your girlfriends because skateboarding culture fucking rules.

In addition, Polar has included their new P-shaped decks in their collection. Rumor has it they’re designed specifically for shove-its, No Complys and wallrides (or any combination thereof) but are actually horrible to do freaking dolphin flips with. To accompany the fresh drop of boards, we have also ordered a couple of Polar parkas and lined coach jackets. Because Central Europe is colder than your ex’ heart this time of the year, we figured you’d need something that keeps your buttocks from freezing off. And, also like your ex’ heart, Winter in Central Europe is fucking dark, which makes Polar’s reflective hoodies very useful in case you don’t want to get run over skating the streets at night. Oh wait. You wanted logo boards. Jump off that motorway bridge, will ya?


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