Quartersnacks - Enter the Snackman

Yo, what’s up with that weird-looking snow man on our new QS apparel? Oh. It’s not a snow man you say? You mean its round body parts actually aren’t snowballs stained with dog excrement because that’s just the only way I imagine snow can look like in a city as filthy and full of itself as New York?

Ok, fair enough. It’s a cookie man. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it? Come to think of it, the cookie man really looks like the average New Yorker citizen: kinda-sorta-maybe fat and mean. That’s right: the cookie man doesn’t represent your average gentrifying thrift-shopping horn-rims wearing skinny-jeans hipster that moved there from Connecticut. The cookie man – or, Snackman, as the QS people use to refer to it – is a character from the past. The Snackman stands for a time when you could buy dollar meals in NY that included a can of soda. The Snackman stands for a time when 25 cents were enough to buy a cookie.

Granted, the Snackman is looks like the kinda guy who would just straight up jump you and your girlfriend from a dark alley way and cap your rich asses. But upon closer inspection, the Snackman stands for skateboarding. When you’re a skateboarder, all you want to do is skateboarding. You don’t give two shits about rent, food, or health. All you do is skating around the city, exploring as you go the piss stains and smelly corners of backyard spots. After a day on a skateboard, you’re covered in piss and shit and blood and in whatever that green puddle of slime was. No fancy restaurant would allow you in anyway. So you go to the dollar menu joint and you’ll get yourself some sweet 25 cent cookies, satisfied with a day that went by doing what you love.

You’ve earned your Snackman, the honest way.

Anyhow, we got Quartersnacks now

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