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Adidas Busenitz Shoe Core Black / Footwear White / Gold Metallic

Adidas Busenitz Shoe Core Black / Footwear White / Gold Metallic

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Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Shoe

- Dennis Busenitz signature model

- Full suede upper

- Leather stripes with Busenitz lettering

- Decorative stitching on the toe box

- Tongue can be cut to size

- Black terry lining

- Glued cup sole

- Item number: G48060

More about the Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Shoe

The Adidas Busenitz Shoe in Core Black/Footwear White/Gold Metallic is a signature model inspired by the skateboarding prowess of Dennis Busenitz. Born in Germany and now residing in San Francisco, Busenitz has made a significant impact in the skateboarding world with his powerful and technical style.

Drawing inspiration from vintage indoor soccer shoes, the Adidas Busenitz Shoe combines style, durability, and functionality. The full suede upper provides excellent board feel and control, allowing skaters to perform their tricks with precision. The leather stripes with Busenitz lettering add a touch of authenticity and a nod to Busenitz's iconic branding.

The decorative stitching on the toe box not only enhances the shoe's durability but also adds a stylish element. The tongue of the shoe can be cut to size, allowing for a customized fit and improved comfort.

Inside, the black terry lining adds a plush feel and enhances overall comfort during long skate sessions. The glued cup sole construction ensures superior durability and grip, making the Adidas Busenitz Shoe an ideal choice for skateboarding on various terrains.

With its rich history and commitment to quality, Adidas has become a trusted name in the skateboarding industry. The Adidas Busenitz Shoe is a testament to the brand's dedication to producing top-notch skate shoes that meet the demands of professional skateboarders like Dennis Busenitz.

Embrace the style and performance of the Adidas Busenitz Shoe in Core Black/Footwear White/Gold Metallic. With its sleek design, superior construction, and nod to vintage indoor soccer shoes, this signature model pays homage to the legacy of Dennis Busenitz and the evolution of skateboarding footwear. Elevate your skate game with the Adidas Busenitz Shoe and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability.

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