Busenitz for everyone!

Busenitz for everyone!

It sure seems it’s Hurricane season over at Adidas Skateboarding, at least judging from the flood of Busenitz models swashing into our little store. While Adidas is busy throwing new Busenitz models in your face, and Mr. Busenitz himself is probably enjoying life at some remote tropical island, let’s talk about the two more recent Busenitz releases that hit Bonkers Shop the other day.

First up is an original Busenitz model that was made to look as tasty as a caramel fudge brownie. It’s actually highly limited, mind you, and only very few stores around the world are permitted to touch it. It’s made from premium suede and features all the flexibility and stability you’ve come to expect from the inaugural Busenitz shoe. It’s the first edition of a series of limited releases that Adidas calls “Top Fashion” line, which goes to show that they are better at making skate shoes than at finding cool names for them.

Second, Adidas released a brand-new Busenitz pro model: the Busenitz RX. The “RX” stands for remix, nor do we really care – all we care for are the shoe’s minimalist, streamlined looks that improve on the original’s design, and its top performance on the board. In addition, it features a seamless, one-piece rubber toe cap, a heel stabilizer and even more stability thanks to the newly sewn-in gusset. So get off the couch and get yourselves a pair in black or white!

And finally, Adidas sent us another regular Busenitz Vulc in a sleek black / grey / black finish, and a Busenitz Vulc RX, formerly known as Busenitz Vulc Samba Edition, in the popular Monaco colorway. And if you’ve kept track of how many times we’ve mentioned “Busenitz” throughout this text, drop by our shop and get a free handshake. You can buy all the models both online and at our store in Frankfurt from now on.

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