Nike SB Dunk Low Cactus Jack By Travis Scott

Nike SB Dunk Low Cactus Jack By Travis Scott

If you’re reading this blog in general and this post in particular, you’re likely already familiar with the name Travis Scott. For anyone who’s not: Jacques Berman Webster II, better known as Travis Scott, is a very successful rapper from Houston, Texas. He dated Kylie Jenner. For his song “The London”, the rapper just took home a Grammy. Travis Scott is also a big sneaker enthusiast and reportedly harbors a love for Nike’s skateboarding department. Thus his most prestigious achievement yet looms at the horizon: the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low. Oh boy, where to begin? For starters, the Travis Scott Dunk Low features a beige leather base, corduroy overlays with bandana-style patterns, and tartan mid-food panels. The outer Swooshes are black, while the lateral ones are pink (and both are made from leather). The Dunk’s default laces were replaced with cragged rope-like ones, while both the tongue and the heel feature references to Travis Scott’s record label, Cactus Jack. In many ways, the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low is reminiscent of early Nike SB releases from the 2000s, when Nike was experimenting with materials and patterns. Because of the insane buzz around Travis Scott Dunk, the shoes will be kept at a secret storage facility right next to the Holy Grail and the remains of the Roswell alien. Upon winning the live raffle, you will not receive the shoe itself, but merely a purchase authorization. We will contact you at a later point to arrange your purchase of the shoe. Please bring your clearance certificate (just kidding). You can get your hands on the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low at our store in Frankfurt. 

Here is ALL the release information you’ll need:

We have two stocks (one in-store and one Instagram raffle)

– Instagram raffle:

1. Follow @bonkers_frankfurt

2. Send an email to and include the following information: your name, Instagram name, size and address.

3. The winners will be contacted via email.

4. If you win at the draw but stop following us shortly after the raffle, your shoe will be raffled off to another person. You won’t believe how many people lost in the Strangelove Dunk because of this.

- In-store release:

1. We'll do a live raffle in our shop on Saturday, February 29th, at 12 noon.

2. You can register for the live raffle in our shop from Tuesday 3 p.m. to Friday 7:30 p.m. (a valid ID document is required. Student IDs, Nintendo club cards or sauna club membership cards are not eligible for registration).

3. For security reasons, the shoes will be kept at a secret storage facility. You will NOT receive the shoes on release day. Instead, you will receive a written authorization from us to purchase them at a later date.

4. You will only have to pay for the shoes once you pick them up. However, if you want us to ship the shoe to you, you’ll have to pay up front on release day.

5. If you are one of the winners on Saturday but are not present in front of the store, your size will be raffled off and your participant name deleted.

6. All winners will be contacted via email to inform them of the pick-up date. If you want to receive the shoe via UPS, the costs will be calculated (return excluded).

7. If a winner does not show up for the pick-up date, the shoe will go to the Instagram raffle.

8. Each winner must pick up their shoe personally and bring the matching ID document.

Sizes: US 4 / EU 36 to US 14 / EU 48,5

That's all you need to know. Please refrain from annoying us with stupid questions because if you do, you’ll be blocked for the release. We would have to hire a legion of phone service guys.

just to get back to you all.

Please note that several people have already been blacklisted for inappropriate behavior in the past (like reselling shoes right in front of the store). If you’re one of them, please take a step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE.

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