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Just what is Carpet Company?

Carpet Company is a skateboarding brand that offers decks and apparel made in the USA. The brand is run by Maryland-based brothers Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem. It’s been around since 2015 and gained considerable traction by word of mouth: ever since, Carpet sells its products in only the most hallowed shops, including, of course, Bonkers Shop. Speaking of products: despite their name, they don’t weave carpets, but that doesn’t mean they’re not craftsmen. See, the skateboards are individually screen-printed by hand, making each board a unique item. Ditto the t-shirts. It’s a labor of love, and you can outright feel the brothers’ passion for skateboarding in every item they put out. It’s the magic of doing stuff with your own damn hands other than jacking off.

What’s so special about Carpet Company skate decks?

Well, aside from the DIY value, it’s the sheer inventiveness of the Carpet’s graphics. Remember, this ain’t a multimillion-dollar corporation. There are no gangs of underpaid graphic designers throwing shit against mood boards until something, hopefully, eventually, sticks. It’s just two chill dudes doing all the heavy lifting (with the occasional guest artist), so every product feels unique. Also, Carpet skate decks come in zip-tie freezer bags. How’s that for keeping things fresh?

Where can I buy Carpet Company skateboards and apparel?

Now there’s something easier said than done. Due to the manual labor involved with creating DIY stuff Carpet skateboards, t-shirts, and hoodies don’t arrive by the truckload. It’s more like a slow drip. That also means that Carpet Company products are highly limited. Carpet is quickly rising to the top, and collaborative projects such as the Carpet Company Nike SB Dunk keep the hype alive. So don’t sleep on this shit. You can buy the latest collection at our webshop and our store in Frankfurt.