Kategorie: Perks And Mini

We rarely get to introduce a brand that’s been around for longer than we have.

The world of streetwear is fast-paced and cutthroat; brands establish themselves as quickly as they file for bankruptcy.

Not Perks And Mini, though. P.A.M., as they sometimes call the eclectic and occasionally anarchic streetwear brand from Australia, has outpaced uncountable peers since its inception in 2000. In fact, Perks and Mini has been in business long enough to count as a vanguard of the Y2K aesthetic that is currently making its return. Founded by Melburnian married couple Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach, Perks and Mini produces bold and cheerful collections using unusual patterns, unique graphics, and vibrant colors. Perhaps unsurprising considering its stamina, P.A.M. has gained a following among streetwear and fashion enthusiasts over the years.

In part, that’s because the brand collaborates with anyone who so much as looks in their general direction. From Japanese street wear label UNDERCOVER to cycling clothing joint MAAP to more mainstream brands such as Converse or Puma, P.A.M. has more collabs than there are deadly spiders in Australia. The Cult of P.A.M. might also draw its power from a powerful brand of New Age-y positive vibes energy that the company propagates. On their website, there’s a button promising “positive messages,” and it entirely delivers: life-affirming poems, joyful house mixes, and even instructions on anaerobic fermentation await to relieve bedeviled chakra from the inconveniences of life (or something like that).

P.A.M. collections typically comprise t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and pants, as well as accessories like bags and hats. You can buy Perks and Mini at our webshop and our store in Frankfurt.