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Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars: Iconic Shoes (Initially not) Made for Skateboarding

Everybody knows Chuck Taylor All-Stars. They’ve been around for more than a hundred years (the first pair was released in 1917). They’re popular with virtually any subculture, sort of like a culturally lowest common denominator: punks, hippies, rappers, skateboarders — everyone wears them. The iconic Converse model is named after Chuck Taylor, a basketball player and shoe product marketer, who improved and promoted the shoe throughout his career. And whatever they paid him, ol’ Chuck was worth every penny: almost all basketball players in the 1920s wore Converse. About 50 years later, when skateboarding was in its infancy, skateboarders made Chuck Taylors one of their go-to choices in place of dedicated skate shoe brands. Even when skateboarding shoe technology improved, many stayed loyal to Converse seeing as the Chuck Taylor’s silhouette and durability proved to be a perfect match for the sport.

Converse CONS: Improved for Skateboarding

Another 40 years later, in 2009, Converse executives eventually got the message and launched Converse CONS, the brand’s skateboarding division. Improving on what was a damn near perfect shoe for skating to begin with, Converse CONS skateboarding shoe collection boasts innovative materials specifically designed for the rigors of skateboarding. Featuring a durable rubber outsole with superior grip, Converse CONS Chuck Taylor Pros and CONS One Stars provide optimal traction and feedback. The vulcanized construction enhances the board feel, while the reinforced ollie area ensures longevity, making Converse CONS a reliable choice for both novice and seasoned skateboarders. Beyond their functional prowess, Converse CONS models have kept the brand's trend-defying style, solidifying its position as a staple of skateboarding culture.

Introducing 70s Chuck Taylor All-Stars at Bonkers Online Shop & In-Store

Next to the skate shoes, Bonkers also carries the iconic 70s Chucks. They’re similar to the skate versions but built a bit differently: coming with vintage canvas uppers and eggshell soles, the 70s All-Star Chuck Taylors have more of a heritage look to them and come in high and low top variants. They’re skateable too, of course. You can buy Converse CONS as well as Converse’s 70s line at our webshop and our store in Frankfurt.