Collection: Dancer

What’s going on with the Dancer skate brand?

As is well known throughout the world, Copenhagen’s one of the most desirable places to live for skateboarders. The city’s liberal policy seems to actively encourage skateboarding in public places, including those that weren’t specifically designed to be skated. It sounds like a dream come true; especially for Americans who are not only used to getting kicked out of spots but also to be handed tickets by the 5-0. It’s unsurprising, then, that some of Europe’s best skateboarders are from Copenhagen and its vicinity (including the Swedish Malmö which is only a quick train ride across the North Sea). And where there are skaters, there’s a healthy skateboarding industry. Prolific skateboarder Hjalte Halberg, a figurehead of Copenhagen’s skateboarding scene and a mainstay on Nike SB’s payroll, launched the Dancer skate brand in 2019, focusing on quality and recycled materials. Since then, Dancer has been an insider’s tip for fashion-savvy skateboarders.

What’s so special about Hjalte Halberg’s Dancer?

Since Dancer is hailing from Denmark, where people had already developed a taste for good design by the time other European countries figured out how to coming down from the trees, you can expect minimalist and sophisticated designs as well as superior quality. Dancer is very much a homie project (which, unlike many others, is backed by homies that actually know how to ride a skateboard). This is to say that the designs featured on Dancer t-shirts, hoodies, or beanies are self-made, the collections are small, and the vibe is pretty personal. Besides, the brand is pretty outspoken when it comes to collaborations, frequently offering outsiders a chance to chip in and keep things fresh.

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