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Dime Mtl Clothing - Skateboarding and Apparel from Canada, eh?

Among all the hip skateboarding companies that try to one-up each other in terms of who’s the corest, Dime Mtl (which is short for Montreal, Canada) stands out as one of the most remarkable skateboard brands. And it’s been around for some time, too. Founders Antoine Asselin and Phil Lavoie started Dime as a blog when they were fifteen years old. Since then, Dime clothing has come a long way, emerging from a petty project to a fully grown brand. However, the initial spirit of its founding days is still present. Watching the Dime crew’s shenanigans on the various social media platforms, you can’t help but like the guys that make up the Dime crew. Their regular output on Instagram really makes you hyped for skateboarding. Dime Mtl shows how much fun skateboarding can be when you’re not competing in the Olympics

A Dime Mtl Hoodie Ain’t for Posers

One thing’s for sure: the boys from Montreal are real to the fucking bone. They’re rooted in their local skateboarding culture, they push the community, and they put out more badly edited video content than an indebted cam girl. In essence, they’re like the cool dudes you always wanted to hang out with (but couldn’t). Guess what, now you can at least dress like them. Dime hoodies, jackets, caps, and T-shirts often draw inspiration from pop culture and weird nerd shit, so you never know what to expect from the next collection. Like skateboarding, it’s unpredictable.

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Usually, Dime clothing is gone quicker than you can say “I like Canada more than the United States because they don’t have guns.” Luckily, Bonkers keeps them Dime stocks filled so you don’t have to be a sucker and pay a premium to some scalper. Get your Dime hoodies and t-shirts at our webshop, or, if you’re in the area, drop by our store in Frankfurt.