Collection: New Balance Numeric

What are New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes?

There’s a first time for everything: your first kickflip, for instance. Your first hangover. We’re yet to experience one of those things (we won’t tell which one), but we can still remember the first time wearing New Balance Numeric shoes for a session. New Balance has been around for fucking ages: 1906, to be precise. Back in the day, we never dared to bail kickflips wearing their classic models such as the New Balance 620 or the NB 574. But with New Balance Numeric, the veteran sports company’s skateboarding division launching in 2016, we finally got to experience the NB approach to skateboarding. Immediately, we felt the immense know-how, build quality, and technology that go into the development of any NB Numeric skate shoe. Their shoes are grippy and offer great board-feel, inspiring confidence skateboards of all skill-levels.

Are NB Numeric Shoes Any Good?

You bet your goddamn worn-out cheap-ass core skate brand hooves they are. But don’t take our word for it. Just go ahead and ask some of the NB pros for their opinion. Jamie Foy, for instance, one of the first to get a pro model on NB Numeric, will happily take your call while FS crooked grinding some long ass ledge in his New Balance Jamie Foy pro model. Or maybe hit up Andrew fucking Reynolds, FS flip master of the known universe, for his opinion. Maybe he’ll impart some of his vast knowledge in skate shoe technology with you. Point being: Using cutting-edge technology combined with over a hundred years in manufacturing experience, New Balance Numeric shoes are some of the best skate shoes you can buy, period.

Buy New Balance Numeric online at Bonkers Shop

Now that we’ve got your mouth all watery with the prospect of sliding your smelly feet into a cushy pair of brand new New Balance Numeric skate shoes, you’re probably asking yourself what’s the best place to get ‘em (or maybe not — maybe you’re just a search engine crawler algorithm looking for ranking indicators.). ANYWAY, if you happen to have feet, feel free to check them out in-person at Bonkers in Frankfurt. Or just stay on this page to order a pair of New Balance Numeric skate shoes via the Bonkers online shop.