Collection: Polar Skate Co.

Skateboards and Street Wear from the cold North

Coming from Sweden, Polar Skateboards has grown to be one of the most acclaimed brands in the skateboarding industry. Founded by pro skater Pontus Alv in 2010, Polar Skate Co offers skateboards and streetwear in a minimalist fashion that is so typical of Scandinavian design. Their skateboard graphics are known to cover a variety of styles, ranging from homages to fine art to scathing parodies of popular culture. Polar Skateboard’s clothing, on the other hand, is distinctly clear-cut and designed to assure maximum durability and comfort for skateboarding. Although first and foremost a skateboarding brand, Polar Skateboard’s minimalism has earned them quite some credit from the fashion and streetwear departments. You will seldom find unnecessary stitching on one of their jackets or over-the-top prints on their t-shirts. This does not mean they’re selling out for fashion, however. As is the habit of Scandinavians, their prints can be quite sarcastic, poking fun at streetwear and popular culture itself. Far from being just another vanity project of some aging pro skateboarder, Polar Skateboards is heavily influenced by European skateboarding, art and photography. For the record: Polar has already released a couple of skateboarding videos – among them the highly acclaimed In Search Of The Miraculous and Manhattan Days. All of them aspire to be more than just another promo for a skateboarding brand: their unique style has made them instant classics of contemporary skateboarding videography. This art-driven approach, lest not forget, is Polar’s central theme. Their T-Shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps and skateboards are made for skateboarders, from skateboarders. The Polar Skate team currently holds, among others, Hjalt Halberg and Aaron Herrington, two pro skaters that put Polar’s promise of quality to the test. We offer Polar Skate Co in store and online.