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Independent Trucks

Independent Genuine Parts 7/8″ Allen Bolts Black

Independent Genuine Parts 7/8″ Allen Bolts Black

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Independent Trucks Genuine Parts Allen Hardware

- 8x 7/8″ (2,2 cm) bolts with nuts

- Sticker

More about the Independent Genuine Parts 7/8″ Allen Bolts Black

Introducing the top-notch Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Allen Bolts in sleek Black, your go-to choice for reliable and durable skateboard hardware. Before we delve into the features of these bolts, let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the rich history of Independent Trucks.

Independent Trucks, commonly known as "Indy," have been at the forefront of the skateboarding industry since their inception in 1978. Founded by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, and Fausto Vitello in Santa Cruz, California, Independent Trucks quickly became a pioneer in producing high-quality skateboard trucks.

In the late 1970s, skateboarding was experiencing a surge in popularity, and skaters were searching for more robust and dependable equipment to push the boundaries of their sport. Independent Trucks stepped in to answer the call, introducing the world's first high-performance skateboard trucks. These trucks were not only durable but also provided exceptional turning capabilities, revolutionizing the way skateboarders rode.

As skateboarding continued to evolve, so did Independent Trucks. The brand continued to innovate, creating new truck models that catered to the ever-changing needs of skateboarders. Independent Trucks gained a reputation for their commitment to quality and precision engineering, earning the trust of skateboarders worldwide.

Fast forward to the present day, Independent Trucks remains a powerhouse in the skateboarding community. Their commitment to excellence and passion for skateboarding has made them a staple choice for both amateur and professional skateboarders alike. The iconic Independent logo, a silver cross, has become synonymous with reliability and performance.

Now, let's turn our attention back to the Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Allen Bolts in Black. These bolts are designed to keep your skateboard securely intact, ensuring you can ride with confidence. Measuring 7/8", these bolts are the ideal length to secure your trucks to your skateboard deck, offering a sturdy and stable setup.

The black color of these Allen bolts adds a touch of style to your skateboard while providing the necessary functionality for smooth rides and precise maneuvers. With a focus on durability and performance, the Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Allen Bolts are built to withstand the rigors of skateboarding, allowing you to focus on perfecting your tricks and honing your skills.

In conclusion, Independent Trucks has a storied history of excellence and innovation, making them an iconic brand in the skateboarding world. The Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Allen Bolts in Black continue this legacy, providing skateboarders with top-tier hardware to elevate their skateboarding experience. Embrace the spirit of Independent Trucks and equip your skateboard with the reliable and stylish Genuine Parts 7/8" Allen Bolts, ready to take your skating to new heights.

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