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What is Butter Goods?

Butter Goods is a skateboard clothing brand from Perth, Australia. It was founded by Lo-Fi skate shop’s Garth Mariano and his pal Matt Evans. In the recent past, the Australian skateboarding scene has attracted more and more attention from the rest of the world, dispelling the notion that there's nothing down there but kangaroos, fat spiders, and merciless heat. It's all there; however, Australia is also home to a world-class skateboarding scene. And because Australian skate spots are drier than an AA meeting, a little lubricating grease isn't amiss. All their hoodies, jackets t-shirts, and beanies are of outstanding quality, long-tested by the best skaters from Down Under.

Butter Goods Streetwear: Buttery-ass Clothing from Down Under

In addition to the build quality of Butter Goods garments, you will find that the company’s graphics are equally pleasing. It’s the easy on the eyes, hard on the wear type of clothing that makes for great skateboarding apparel. In a way, the hoodies and pants remind us of 90’s skateboarding: loose fits and heavy cloths ooze that Love Park aesthetic. The designs themselves, although often on the minimalist side, are frequently marked by colorful patterns and innovative materials. But don’t take our word for it. Head over to YouTube and watch some Butter(y) skate videos featuring Australia’s finest ripping and tearing through spots and clothing alike.

The Butter Goods Online Store at Bonkers

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