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What’s the story behind The Trilogy Tapes (TTT)? 

The Trilogy Tapes (TTT) is a record label specializing in house, techno, and all sorts of weird electronic noise music. Based in London, UK, and founded by Palace Skateboards designer Will Bankhead, the label’s humble beginnings reach back to 2008, when it first appeared as an online blog. Like so many others, Bankhead, who is from South London and grew up in London’s 1990’s skateboard community, started a blog in the late naughts to collect all sorts of online flotsam that caught his interest. Unlike most Tumblrs from the day, Bankhead’s blog is still alive and kicking. If you’re ever in need of bizarre graphics or music nobody’s ever heard of, check out The Trilogy Tapes blog to get your fill. Obscure noise and drone music, forgotten punk rock tapes, and other unclassifiable shit await. If you’re interested in TTT’s output, check out The Trilogy Tapes Soundcloud account. Alternatively, head over to Trilogy Tapes Bandcamp presence, get your hands on some stylishly designed audio cassettes, throw on a piece from the latest TTT clothing collection, and pop ‘em in your 1975 Jensen Interceptor.

What is The Trilogy Tapes about? 

For starters, The Trilogy Tapes record label releases underground electronic music (the vinyl records, by the way, are pressed in Germany, while the sleeves, designed by Bankhead himself, are printed in Great Britain). Some of the most famous artists released on the TTT record label include Theo Parrish, Bee Mask, Aaron Dilloway, Kassem Mosse, Omar Souleyman, Beautiful Swimmers, Beatrice Dillon, Madteo, Blawan, Dean Blunt, and Ben UFO. But to Will Bankhead and his followers, TTT’s so much more. Bankhead’s basement serves as the Trilogy Tapes headquarters and after-hours party space for his pals. Over time, the record label’s merchandise evolved into a niche clothing brand, producing t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

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