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What does PACCBET mean?

Привет, Comrade! PACCBET is Cyrillic and stands for RASSVET, which in turn means “Sunrise” in Russian. PACCBET, or Rassvet, is a Moscow-based skate brand headed by Comme des Garçons alumni Gosha Rubchinskiy. Founded in 2016, Rassvet is one of the leading Eastern skateboarding brands. Initially, Rassvet collections were only available at CdG concept stores and Dover Street Market. But soon Gosha expanded his business to include real skate shops, as well. Commonly unknown to Western folks, Russia’s underrepresented skate scene’s in dire need of international platforms. Rassvet  t-shirts, beanies, and hoodies are skate-ready, fashionable collections sure make Russian skateboarding take the spotlight on global stages.

What is Rassvet (PACCBET) all about?

Usually, the most widely covered non-Western skateboarding hails from the Global South or Japan. To many European and US skateboarders, the East, especially Russia, remains a blind spot. Sure, the pedestals of gargantuan marble statues and the intimidating brutalist angles of Soviet architecture look like they were designed with skateboarding in mind. But we bet none of y’all can name five Russian pro skaters without pulling out your phones.

Historically, the West and the East don’t jive that well together, thanks to the Iron Curtain. Speaking of which, Rassvet collections are heavily influenced by Western culture as it was perceived by young Russians who were coming of age in a post-Soviet world defined by poverty, lack, and living in an endless gray sea of silent Khrushchyovka. As a result, many of Rassvet’s standout designs have something provisional about them, as if they were haphazardly collected and sewn-together clothes from some derelict second-hand store that dealt with old Western stuff.

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Whether it’s a Rassvet hoodie, t-shirt, or deck that you’re looking for, our Rassvet online shop has got you covered. Rassvet’s extensive collections comprise deconstructed jackets, longsleeve-and-hoodie combinations, and the odd accessory. In addition, Rassvet frequently works with established Western clothing brands: landmark collaborations include Rassvet x Russell, Rassvet x Carhartt, or Rassvet x Hi Tec. Among their most popular joint ventures, however, are the Rassvet x Pushkin Museum drops which features tailored shirts with motives found throughout the museum’s collection of famous paintings. You can buy Rassvet clothing at our webshop and our store in Frankfurt.