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A Very Short History of DC Shoes

If you were a skateboarder in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, chances are good you were wearing DC Kalis, Lynx, or Mantecas. Founded by Danny Way’s older brother Damon and rally driver Ken Block in 1994 as Droors Clothing, the company was one of the first to embrace advanced construction technologies in creating skate shoes. While others were figuring out how to make rubber compounds that would last longer, DC was already making cushioned hi-tech soles. Equally important to the company’s success, however, was DC’s pro team. DC’s rise to fame is inseparable from the careers of Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, and Brian Wenning, to name a few, and it’s safe to say that they helped shape the brand’s public image considerably. Consequently, Kalis, Williams, and Wenning’s fabled home turf, the now-demolished Love Park in downtown Philadelphia, became closely linked to DC Shoes — another reason why the brand is considered a leading skate shoe company.

Beyond Love Park: DC Shoes today

DC was never gone, so technically, DC doesn’t have to come back. However, after years of trying to make the perfect mall rat shoe, DC has returned to its fabled models of yesteryear and gave

‘em a proper relaunch. Re-releasing the DC Lynx as a part of the DC Shoes Heritage line-up, as well as creating updated classics such as the DC Kalis Vulc, demonstrates the company’s awareness of its storied legacy.

DC Shoes Online Shop at Bonkers

Back in the days, DC Shoes transformed a whole industry with its novel take on skate shoes. Most skateboard historians argue that the company single-handedly established the bulky skate shoe trend that dominated the late ‘90s and early 2000s. This is why most skateboarders not only associate DC Shoes with skateboarding’s rise in popularity at the time but also see DC models as defining the aesthetic of an entire era. A pair of DC Shoes is not just a skate shoe, but a representation of a specific era in skateboarding. The same goes for the iconic DC logo which is featured prominently on DC Shoes hoodies, t-shirts, and crewnecks. All of which you can buy at our webshop and our store in Frankfurt.