Adidas x Alltimers

Adidas x Alltimers

Everybody has that one friend who takes delight in clever commentary, ironically analyzing and adding his two cents to everything. Think of this dude not as a person, but as a skateboarding and apparel company, and you get a good picture of Alltimers. They’re a bunch of New Yorker skateboarders, so their attitude of impertinence is probably inherited. Detached irony flows in their blood like garbage through NYC’s sewage.

Anyway, they’re a bunch of fun dudes, producing stuff that blurs the line between social commentary and street wear, always balancing on that thin line between self-awareness and tackiness. It’s really hard to convey their attitude with words, so you’d be best advised to watch their ode to NY trash cans, “She’s Garbage”, where they skate a lot of, well, NY garbage. Also, they’re probably the only skateboarding company to be referenced on TBS’ comedy show Conan, where Conan himself holds a board shaped to actress Marisa Tomei to the camera. Yup, it’s just that ridiculous.

Long story short, Alltimers has teamed up with Adidas Skateboarding, a rather serious brand that has not yet stood out for being particularly funny, to produce a capsule collection. The drop consists of a really clean-looking Superstar Vulc with a golden “Player” lettering, a track jacket reminiscent of Boston Marathon apparel and orange soccer shorts. If there ever was an ironic 80’s retro collection, this is it. It’s also the perfect outfit for a luxury cruise. So strap on your Oyster Perpetual, unbox your 80’s Motorola cell phone, pop open that Dom Perignon and take it easy. Disclaimer: This collection doesn’t come with a free yacht. Sorry.

Release on April 8th

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