Leon Karssen Spring 16

Leon Karssen Spring 16

Have you ever wondered what art and skateboarding have in common? It’s not some romanticized expression of a free-spirited individual or divine inspiration, although that’s what most people who practice either pastime would like you to believe. The thing both have in common is: doing them well is fucking hard.   

Like, really hard. Pro skaters make it look easy, but it’s actually one of the world’s most difficult things to fully master (that, and maybe flying an F-16 with your hands tied to two dildos). In order to become a good skater, you need a high tolerance for pain and frustration, patience, and an obsession for repetition. Oh, and cat reflexes help, too.

Which is probably why, unconsciously, our favorite artist Leon Karssen chose to make most of his illustrations about cats on skateboards. Since felines have the remarkable ability to always land on their feet (they move around with their tail in free-fall or something like that), they’re the perfect mascots for skateboarding. Except, they’re not the most patient critters on the planet, and we guess that’s why Leon’s cats say “motherfucker” a lot.

In addition, the feline species belongs to the carnivorous mammals, which means they’re really into killing. Metaphorically, a carnivore is a hedonist, someone who enjoys life to the fullest (unlike vegans, who basically enjoy abstinence). This might shed light on Karssen’s often explicit depiction of male and female genitalia he applies to his felines. For example, Leon’s recent drop includes illustrations of butts, full bosomed cats and a single feline surrounded by sperm. Also, wouldn’t you say that skateboarding, in its most radical form, is an expression of body movement, basically pure sex?

Officially, Leon denied any conscious connection between his cats and his affinity for skateboarding. But we don’t care – art is what you make of it. That’s another similarity connecting skateboarding and art: you can do whatever you want with it, and it still looks pretty fucking sexy. You can buy Leon’s recent drop both in store and online.



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