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Gramicci: Functional Gear (not only) for Bouldering Enthusiasts 

When it comes to bridging the gap between being able to skate and kicking the bucket, la mode du jour is bouldering (please don’t call it rock climbing). If you don’t feel like knocking out your teeth on concrete anymore, maybe give bouldering a try. Instead of rolled ankles and midweek hangovers, boulder bros enjoy nature, camaraderie, and getting really strong hands. The sport is taxing on both mind and body, so you’ll need hard-wearing clothing. Dangling from an overhang at some 300 feet above the ground, you’ll want that clothing also to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Gramicci pants, jackets, and fleeces provide you with the best textile equipment you’ll need on your way to the summit.

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Gramicci is a Japanese-American outdoor brand that has been producing high-quality and durable outdoor clothing since 1982. The company's founder, Mike Graham, was an avid rock climber who recognized the need for outdoor clothing that could withstand the rigors of climbing and bouldering. Today, Gramicci is recognized as a leader in the outdoor industry, known for its innovative designs, durability, and flexibility. The brand’s been going strong for over 40 years now, and, no pun intended, has steadily climbed its way to the top of the Mountain of Outdoor Brands.

Gramicci Climbing Clothing is also Really Good for Skateboarding 

But wait, you might ask, what the fuck does all that shit have to do with skateboarding? Well, there are some striking similarities between climbing and skateboarding: both require patience and complete physical and mental commitment. Skateboarding and bouldering also demand creativity: identifying a line up to the top and skating a line at a spot both presupposes a high degree of mental flexibility and foresightedness. Your body needs to be able to move as freely as your mind, so a skateboarder will benefit from Gramicci’s pants and jackets just as much as a climber does. You can buy Gramicci Clothing at our webshop and our store in Frankfurt.