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Putting the Biscuit in the Basket: Hockey Skateboards

There’s no doubt that skateboarding is increasingly influenced by other sports. Skate shoes that look like indoor soccer kicks for once. Basketball-themed collections. The odd tennis-inspired capsule collection. All this points to an ongoing trend that sees skateboarders responding to aesthetic cues arriving from outside their bubble. That said, most releases of this kind essentially amount to window-dressing, simple as that. Hockey Skateboards is a different beast! On the surface, the brand doesn't have much to do with the tough-as-nails sport it's named after, except for one important facet! The kind of unrelenting skateboarding that Hockey Skateboards represents is just as physically taxing as getting body-checked by the Detroit Red Wings in your tighty-whities. Thus, Hockey decks are hard-wearing instruments of destruction and will aid you in annihilating any handrail you come across. Or yourself, if you’re not careful.

Okay, sure. But who’s behind the brand Hockey?

Glad you asked. Hockey Skateboards is Fucking Awesome’s sister company, which was founded by Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen. It is based in Los Angeles and was started out in 2015. The team includes human wrecking balls Donovon Piscopo, Ben Kadow, and Andrew Allen, to name a few. We strongly encourage you to check ‘em out skating only the crustiest of spots in the Hockey skate video, Hockey III.

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