Collection: Palace

Skateboards and functional street wear from rainy London

Founded in 2010 by Lev Tanju, Palace Skateboards is heavily inspired by both football and terrace wear as well as 90’s nostalgia. Coming straight from the rainy city of London, Palace Skateboards is dedicated to functional clothing: waterproof jackets, windbreakers and lined hoodies will keep you dry and warm. Among functional outerwear, Palace also offers football jerseys, trainer jackets and pants, and even went so far as to collaborate with experienced sportswear brands Umbro, Reebok and Adidas. The Palace x Reebok project featured a limited edition vulcanized, skateable sneaker that was reminiscent of Reebok’s 90’s footwear design. Joining forces with Adidas, Palace has created a series of football jerseys and classic training jackets (read our section on Palace x Adidas for detailed information). Palace’s collections also frequently include items unrelated to skateboarding such as footballs. Although football’s influence is evident in many pieces of their clothing collections, Palace is not a brand that limits itself to sport or street wear. Palace’s vanguard approach to designing clothing draws from the 1990s as well as from contemporary fashion. Their iconic “Tri-ferg” logo, a Penrose triangle, indicates the non-linear thinking that shapes Palace Skateboarding’s approach to clothing and skateboards. The triangle has no beginning nor end but rather flows back into itself and is thus a perfect match for Palace’s signature style. Although Palace Skateboards is first and foremost a skateboarding company, it is also defined by an active exchange of street wear, sports wear, and high fashion. Just like their clothing, Palace’s skateboards heavily feature geometric designs and rectilinear patterns. Their straight-lined approach to design is a testimony to Palace’s no-nonsense attitude towards skateboarding and streetwear. This strategy has earned Palace its rightful place not only in the skateboarding industry, but also secured their collections’ spots on the clothe rails of high-profile concept stores around the globe. Palace Skateboarding also boasts a professional skateboarding team including prominent names such as Chewy Cannon, Olly Todd, Lucien Clarke or Benny Fairfax. We offer Palace both in store and online.