instead of boring you to tears with all the New Year’s resolutions we’re gonna break anyway as soon as the opportunity presents itself, we’d rather invite you to review 2017 with us – and boy, it’s been a blast!

In the summer, Bonkers teamed up with Nike SB and Solo Magazine to celebrate the second Jam of Mainhattan. The first Jam was a success, alright, but we’d never dared to dream of the insane levels of participation, tricks, and overall good vibes that defined the Jam’s second iteration. Over two hundred skateboarders, some from the most remote corners of Europe (such as Bavaria), shredded several spots in Frankfurt to pieces. Eventually, the Jam of Mainhattan culminated at one of the city’s most notorious double sets where those with energy left in their bodies fucked shit up beyond repair.

Also in summer, the New Balance Numeric pro team paid us a visit, and we gave them a guided tour through Frankfurt. Watch them shred popular Frankfurt spots in their recent video, “Parallax.”

In autumn, we again joined forces with Nike SB, transforming our second sales area into a Nike SB pop up store. It’s still in operation, bringing you exciting Quickstrikes and other Limited Editions from the Swoosh. If you haven’t been to our shop in Sachsenhausen yet, now’s as good a time as any – it won’t be around forever. The opening of the Nike SB pop up store was accompanied by the release of a small amount of t-shirts, which we designed  with Nike SB, that have the writing “Dabb Ma Lobi” on their back. “Dabb Ma Lobi,” for the uninitiated, is Hauptwache slang for “Give me some money,” a phrase uttered by skateboarders throughout Frankfurt back in the days when dough was hard to get by.

Speaking of collaborations: 2017 saw the release of our second shop board, which we created in tandem with the lovely Frankfurt-based artist Marta Espinosa. Marta’s artwork often juxtaposes the beautiful with the ugly and the becoming with the deceasing, blurring the boundaries between perceived pairs of opposites. That’s how we’re trying to make sense of it, anyway. It’s been well-received by the community, and we can’t stress enough that our nonexistent drawing skills didn’t have any part in it whatsoever.

Another well-attended event went down in early November: our birthday party. That’s right, Bonkers turned seven in 2017! For our anniversary, we teamed up with Carhartt to create limited hoodies and t-shirts, and they sold better than hot cakes. After everybody got their hands on some free beer at the pre-party we held at our store, the Bonkers gang got hammered at the „Dough House“ (a nearby night club) – never to remember anything about that night again.

Well, and that’s about it. It was an awesome year stuffed to the brim with events, skateboarding, collaborations, new friendships, and hangovers – and we wouldn’t have had any of it without the perpetual support of you, our customers, our friends, our family. It’s time to say thanks – and for us to promise to you to be lesser jerks in the upcoming year. But we’ve already talked about the futility of New Year’s resolutions in the introduction, now haven’t we?

See you in 2018!

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