Bonkers 2016 Retrospective

Bonkers 2016 Retrospective

Dear friends,

this past year we really came out swinging. Running a skate shop is about as chill as swimming in a shark tank, and although there were many occasions that made us want to douse the place in gasoline, light a match and watch it burn to the ground, in the end, we can’t imagine doing anything else. Now, while we’re looking forward to next year, we’d love to swiftly recap what went down in 2016 and say thanks, you guys, for your kind support.

First off, a lot of new brands joined Bonkers in 2016. We’ve added New Balance Numeric, DQM, Paterson League, Bronze 56k and Nike SB to our roster. With Magenta Skateboards, an old friend rejoined Bonkers in 2016. Welcome back! We’re excited about working with everyone of them and we’re happy they’ve placed their trust in us (fools!). In the same breath, we’d like to thank our long-established brands for their continuing support.

Additionally, we hosted several events in 2016, starting with the Frankfurt premiere of Adidas Skateboarding’s much-anticipated full-length flick Away Days in late May. We rented a nearby cinema, put some (but not all) beer on ice and hosted a well-attended after show party at our shop. Adidas kindly borrowed us a picnic table which we later skated at several spots throughout town. Further, we hosted a video premiere for our friends from TPDG, one of our longest-running brands. And because we believe in supporting the new blood, we also screened Paul Herrmann’s Welcome to Franki video in September which featured some of our team riders and other young guns from Frankfurt.

Maybe the biggest event we pulled off was the Jam of Mainhattan, a cash-for-tricks contest (but don’t call it a contest) that took place all over Frankfurt. We were blown away by the onslaught of skaters and tricks, and we think we’re speaking for our sponsor Nike SB when we’re saying that the money was well spent. The Jam concluded with a booze-fueled party at our shop and we’re still getting a hangover just from thinking about it.

Last but certainly not least, 2016 saw the first-ever Bonkers shop board we designed in collaboration with German sculptor and artist Reinhard Roy. We’d like to thank Mr. Roy for letting us print his art to a piece of wood. Much appreciated.

Well, that’s about it. At this point, the BONKERS team likes to thank all you guys who supported us in any way. Without you, we’re nothing. We hope to be of good service to you in 2017 and we’re happy that you’re placing your trust in us time and again. We know we’re dicks sometimes. Sorry about that (but not very sorry). We’re wishing all of you a Happy New Year. See you in 2017.

Over and out.

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