DC Shoes Heritage Pack (Lynx  OG)

DC Shoes Heritage Pack (Lynx OG)

DC Shoes, a dinosaur among skate shoe manufacturers, just re-released their classic Lynx  OG model which was initially introduced back in 1998. Before we get into the meat of the shoe itself, however, let’s take a quick Rick-and-Morty-esque detour and talk about the lofty concept of eternal recurrence. The eternal recurrence, oversimplified, is a metaphysical theory assuming that all events in history will repeat themselves indefinitely, as long as time and space exist. It’s pretty old, but it was popularized by Friedrich Nietzsche. On a logical level, this is because we know that our world exists: if the chance of a world like ours is equal to or larger than 1, it follows that theoretically, the world must recur an infinite number of times (including all possible events). From a physical standpoint, it looks even more mind-boggling: if space was genuinely indefinite, with an indefinite number of atoms, then every conceivable constellation of atoms (including your street, your house, and even exact and slightly divergent copies of you) must exist an indefinite number of times. Everything has existed forever, exists forever, and will continue to exist forever. Which finally brings us to the DC Lynx OG. The epitome of late 90s skateboarding, the Lynx OG is less a skate shoes than a historical artifact: inseparably tied to legends like Josh Kalis and Brian Wenning, the Lynx OG is a condensate of nostalgia for mid-thirty year olds. It’s also a connecting point for those who can identify with the era’s peculiar aesthetics. Here’s where we can find definite proof for eternal recurrence: the Lynx OG was always there, and will always be there, in all conceivable worlds, in all colors and shapes. For some, it is a nostalgic item, for others, it’s brand new. Others don’t really care. Maybe Nietzsche himselfs wears one, wandering the Canton of Grisons, in one strange version of our world. In our world, anyway, you can buy it at our web store or at our store in Frankfurt.

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