Nike SB X Staple Panda Pigeon Dunk

Nike SB X Staple Panda Pigeon Dunk

February 22, 2005, marks an incisive moment in sneaker history. It’s a date well-known to every sneakerhead, but for the uninitiated, here’s the short version of what went down: on a bone-chilling Winter morning in New York City’s Bowery district, sneaker enthusiasts resisted arrest by the NYPD for camping in front of the now-defunct shop The Reed Space. Some of them had been holding on to their place in line to cop a pair of the infamous Nike SB Pigeon Dunk for days, and, despite the adverse effects of sitting for hours in the blistering cold has on the body, rioted in fear that their sustained efforts would have been in vain if they ended up in the back seat of a cop car. The Reed Space incident made international news, and revealed to the world that sneaker heads really don’t like to be fucked with. As a result, designer Jeff Staples’ (Staple Design) Pigeon became somewhat of a patron saint for sneaker dudes and dudettes. Needless to say, models of the original release continue to achieve insanely high prices on the reseller market.

Now, Nike SB issues another Pigeon Dunk that, despite its departure from the ur-Pigeon Dunk’s design, is likely to cause some commotion among sneakerheads – if only for its thematic connection to the infamous original. The new Panda Pigeon Dunk is quite a looker, too: the black-and-white shoe comes with 3M reflective material on the heel, a crystal outsole revealing newspaper coverage of the sneaker riot, two-tone Swooshes, Nubuck leather, and, of course, the Pigeon logo. If you’re a sneaker lover, you really don’t want to miss out on this one.

So, we’re coming in well-prepared. Here’s what’s gonna happen: the official release is due January 12, 12 CET. All you have to do is show up at our shop in Frankfurt. At 6 PM CET on the same day, we will put up a secret phone number on our Instagram story (@bonkers_frankfurt). There will be an extra stock for the phone release. Call the number, place your order. There will be no online release whatsoever. Why? Because fuck bots, that’s why. See y’all on release!

Item number: BV1310-013

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