Nike SB's Tie-Dye Roswell Raygun Dunks In Memory of Sandy Bodecker

Nike SB's Tie-Dye Roswell Raygun Dunks In Memory of Sandy Bodecker

Nike SB’s newest release, the Tie-Dye Raygun SB Dunks, is simultaneously a throwback, a memento mori, and a continuation. Let’s start with the throwback: in the early 2000s, Nike Basketball released a series of commercials that advocated the fictional Roswell Rayguns team. Boasting a roster that included some of the best basketball players on the planet, the team’s eponymous home was Roswell, New Mexico – which, in turn, was popularized by the alleged UFO crash in 1947. The team’s mascot, therefore, was an alien shooting laser pistols; hence the name, Roswell Rayguns. The whole thing was a marketing ploy, of course, but it was also one of the first successful viral ad campaigns. At any rate, it didn’t take long for the then-novel skateboarding division, Nike SB, to dedicate a Dunk SB to the Rayguns in 2005. Not only were the Raygun Dunks the first Nike SB shoes to feature kid’s sizes, but also the first ones to feature the Nike SB tongue label. Needless to say, the Raygun Dunks remain some of the most sought-after Nike SBs ever. 

The Raygun Dunks were also closely tied to one key Nike employee – and this is the memento mori part of the release – namely, Sandy Bodecker. Bodecker, who passed away in 2019, was pioneering Nike SB. He built the brand, the hype, and thus assured its longevity. Nike SB wouldn’t be Nike SB if it weren’t for Sandy Bodecker. Incidentally, Bodecker was frequently wearing a Roswell Rayguns tie-dye sweater; the new release’s tie-dye look is thus an obituary to a beloved colleague and friend.

Which brings us to the continuation: the original Raygun Dunks were split between a black and a white version, but didn’t feature the tie-dye. The re-release features the original’s alien embroidery and the tie-dye on all variants, including the kid’s version. This December 27 release is for everyone who’s into the whole history of Nike SB and shit, so don’t get your panties in a twist when they’re gone fast.

Important release information:

Due to problems with the delivery over Christmas holidays the release which was set for the 27th December is not going to take place. We will keep you updated through our instagram story (@bonkers_frankfurt) as soon as we have more detailed information from UPS concerning the delivery.

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