Palace Summer 2016 Drop

Palace Summer 2016 Drop

If all the scientists and environmental activists are right, then the world as we know it will be fucked by climate change. Which actually means that we’re getting fucked. After all, the planet’s not gonna dissolve or get vaporized or anything. It will stay right there in its path, rotating around the sun, totally indifferent to our absence.

Anyway, while we’re still here, we might as well spend our time with fun pastimes like skateboarding and fashion. Usually, both don’t necessarily have a lot in common with environmentalism, but thanks to Palace, you can now show your sensibility for our climate without looking like you’ve just scavenged your supermarket’s dumpster: their summer drop includes a series of hoodies and t-shirts featuring the famous recycling pictogram filled with PALACE lettering. Wearing it communicates both your environmental awareness and your keen sense for the latest hype. We’d say it’s like killing two birds with one stone – but that’s not very environmental, now is it?

Moving on: Palace’s summer 2016 drop does not only promote recycling, but also includes quite pompous imagery: this drop’s jaw-dropper is certainly the Cherub Frame graphic, which features two cherubs (little fats kids with wings) holding up a golden tri-ferg, surrounded by a golden frame. Oh, and the background’s a jaguar pattern. The Cherub Frame print is available on a t-shirt and a sweater. If you thought this concluded Palace’s strange fascination with winged fat kids, you’re wrong. Another graphic shows a singe cherub above PALACE lettering, holding a fern. This one’s t-shirt only, though. Last but not least, the very same fern-carrying, chubby angel kid is featured on the Tropical Cherub longsleeve as a small chest print.

In cherub-unrelated matters, Palace has also come up with the Muscle graphic, which features a flexed biceps as a placeholder for Palace’s “C”. Alas, it’s spring, summer’s around the corner and don’t we all have to lose those Christmas pounds? Should you actually feel like running, be sure to grab some of those running caps Palace has recently introduced. They’re available in a bunch of different colors, including white.

As usual, new Palace stuff is not around forever – like us, if we don’t start to take climate change seriously. So get it before global warming gets to you!

Release on April 14th 01:01 CET

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