Pass-Port and Vans Practice Solidarity

The shit that started to boil up in 2015 really hit the fan in 2016, with people losing their manners over fugitives, the EU on the verge of collapse, and war just about everywhere. Where the fuck’s your solidarity, folks? That’s what Pass-Port and Vans must have thought when they collaborated on two beautiful pairs of Vans Pro Old Skools – at least, that’s what they say right at the beginning of their wonderful promotional video featuring Callum Paul and Nik Stipanovic: international solidarity. The clip, which features some great skateboarding in Melbourne and Sidney, is accompanied by Claudja Barry’s relaxing Love for Sake of Love, underlining the importance of chilling the fuck out once in a while. Which works great with Vans x Pass-Port’s collab, as the shoes are really mellow and nice to look at. One’s And even though skateboarding’s not gonna change today’s pressing global issues, it’s not hurting anyone, either. That old saying Don’t hate, go skate has never been more appropriate.
The Vans x Pass-Port Old Skool Pros are available for online purchase from tonight, 00:01 CET


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