Polar Skate Co. Spring 16

Polar Skate Co. Spring 16

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, or so they say. As we’re finally approaching warmer temperatures, Polar Skate Co.’s Spring collection comes at the right time. Although the weather in Central Europe continues to be more erratic than Turkey’s Prime Minister, we’re already hyped to wear and skate Polar’s new stuff.

This drop marks a premiere for Bonkers, as for the first time we’re offering Polar’s 90’s-cut jeans. Unless you’re living on the dark side of the moon (or in a country with restricted access to the Internet), you’ll probably know by now that the 90’s are back in full effect, destroying all those boring, tailored fits in their wake, and instead leaving you with fits so boxy you’ll be mistaken for a Russian professional arm wrestler. The boxy cut applies to their sweaters as well, so take into consideration the rather short but voluminous sleeves.

Aside from the jeans, another highlight is the “Golf Club” sweater:  its outer layer is made from nylon, giving it the shiny look of a bomber jacket. It has a placket beneath the round neckline with one button attached to it. The “Golf Club”  – although we have no idea what golf course would grant you admission wearing it – is a great sweater for chilly summer nights. Also, if you don’t have a bomber jacket yet, make sure to cop this one to enter the next level.

In addition to these stand-out items, Polar has updated their existing portfolio with summery colors. The “No-comply” six panel caps, for example, as well as the “No-comply” t-shirts, come in fresh pastel colors like rose or yellow, while the stroke logo 6 panel cap includes burgundy and pastel blue colors. Another colorful entry in this season’s collection is the “Cut out leftovers” tee, which features a brightly-colored backprint evocative of Matisse or Picasso. Additionally, the “Default hoodie”, weighing in at 285 grams, comes in the usual navy and an amazing peach. Of course, all the other usual suspects make a return this season, including fill-logo tees and stroke logo hoodies, each item updated with a fresh set of colors.

In conclusion, one swallow still won’t make a summer, but you can at least up your cognitive dissonance game by wearing Polar’s new gear, pretending you’re in Miami Beach and wearing sunglasses even though it’s raining buckets. And remember, it could be worse: Polar’s from Sweden, a country that is covered in darkness for most of the year, and you don’t hear them complaining. You can buy Polar Skate Co.’s Spring collection in store and online, effective immediately.


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