Reinhard Roy for Bonkers

Reinhard Roy for Bonkers

Dear reader,

we’re happy to introduce our first-ever shop board today. However, if you were hoping that we’d make a logo deck, you might as well stop reading now. Bonkers wouldn’t be, well, bonkers, if we didn’t have an ace up our sleeves to spice up the whole shop board concept. First, we can’t be bothered by all the unimaginative logo decks, and we hate them from the bottoms of our black hearts. We firmly believe that skateboarding has at least a little bit to do with creativity – and slapping some logo onto a board is the very definition of uncreative dullness.

Thus, we aimed for something different. From the very beginning, it seemed obvious to us that we needed to get a hold of somebody who knows their craft. We’re no artists and we’re not gonna pretend we were. No one wants to see our shitty doodles. So we did the obvious: we hired an actual artist – namely Reinhard Roy, German painter and sculptor. Roy predominantly makes use of matrixes and circles which enable him to free his creativity from all constraints and to steer his artworks into many directions. The results are rather abstract: His paintings show circles arranged in rectangles and various other geometric shapes. What caught our attention was the process of forming round objects into rectangular ones: Roy’s art seems to neglect predetermined notions of everyday shapes, just as skateboarding neglects predetermined uses of everyday objects. Who said circles have to be used as circles? Who said that park benches have to be used just to sit on?

Anyway, we also don’t want to pretend we had a degree in art theory, because we sure as hell don’t. In the end, maybe we just like circles. Maybe that’s why we had them printed onto our first shop boards. In the end, we love skateboarding with our hearts and souls. That’s why we’re doing all this in the first place. Okay?


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