Stingwater a coveted resource

Water. Probably the most valuable resource on earth. In Europe we can tell you a thing or two about water. In fact, we’ve been working on a reliable water supply for centuries. The Romans had their aqueducts, and modern Europeans have a steady stream of clean drinking water (except for those having to deal with old ass lead pipes). Did you know that a cubic meter of tap water in Frankfurt costs 1.39 Euros? Yet we’re buying bottled fucking water for 80 cents a liter. Being rich is great! Just don’t assume y’all third world fellas can get to our water. It’s ours. Instead of helping you construct wells, we’re rather paying some of your big wigs so they’ll buy you a bunch of tents and then shop for our weapons afterwards. But we’re getting off topic – which is discussing one of our favorite brands: Stingwater. Daniel Kim sent us his newest creations; this time, he included great homages to two of the most popular bottled water brands worldwide. And in case you’re longing for something with a little flavor, we’ve got some Stingwater Zero t-shirts for sinless enjoyment. You can buy these and other Stingwater refreshments at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.

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