Bonkers VS. Ciao Party

Bonkers VS. Ciao Party

This year, the age-old rivalry between skateboarders and BMXers will be settled for generations to come. On January 28, Bonkers and CIAO CREW will face-off in a showdown so ridiculously over the fucking top, it’ll determine once and for all who’s gonna be the boss of the streets of Frankfurt.
The clash of the titans will take place at Sachsenhausen-based nightclub DOUGH HOUSE, where two floors will serve as the designated battlefield. While the Bonkers squadron will dab the living daylights out of the hip hop floor with the help of commander-in-chief Inkasso & Paradise, the Ciao guerrillas have enlisted Djs Manzuela, Sofian Smalec & JoYo (Die Nachtigall) to assist them with their electronic warfare.
Bring your friends and maybe some band-aids ‘cause shit’s gonna hit the fan.

Klick here to see the Facebook event.

Bonkers Floor: Inkasso | Paradise
Ciao Floor: Manzuela | Sofian Smalec | Jo Yo

Doors: 11pm
Entry: 8€

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