Palace SS16: Gone quicker than your grandma.

Palace SS16: Gone quicker than your grandma.

Dear readers,

rejoice, for it’s that time of the year again: the good lads from Palace have come up with their Spring/Summer items for 2016, and guess who’s going to shove ‘em down your fuccboi throats? That’s right, Bonkers is.

Although there’s probably not going to be any shoving necessary – the British juggernauts of style have designed a collection so tasty it will go down more smoothly than your mom’s Pinot Noir. Compared to their precedent collections, Palace’s SS16 drop has been toned down considerably: as you may have come to expect from Palace, there’s a range of sophisticated tech-wear like fleece jackets and packable windbreakers, as well as some sporty next-level 7-panel caps. For your street wear desires, Palace again packs some serious backprint heat: among our favorites is the Tri-Smoke hoody, featuring a burning cigarette on the back, its smoke forming the angles of Palace’s famous triangle. If you want to be as cool as your smoking friends but lack the necessary indifference towards your health, this is the right piece for you. Another treat is the Roadrunner series, consisting of crewneck sweaters and hoodies. If logos are your kind of speed, there’s also a deconstructed Tri-Ferg print – available in multiple colors. It probably goes without saying that the cuts are boxy and kinda 90s, so check out the sizing accordingly. The textile drop is topped off by a bunch of multicolor socks, so you can dress from head to toe in Palace gear for that sweet, sweet MySpace fame, or whatever it is you kids are getting off on these days.

For those of you who actually know how to skate, Palace Skateboards also offers, you know, these wooden things called skateboards (also, if you want to up your accessories game, you can just carry a deck around with you and look like a total twat). Just like the textile part of the collection, the decks feature some pretty rad graphics. Most notably, Palace has collaborated with their poster boy Blonde McCoy’s clothing brand Thames London to create some pretty cool board graphics. Among our favorites is an all-over print of £20 bills, which is probably a good way to invest your Euros until the Tories decide to Brexit the fuck out of the Union. If you’re more into Dollars, Palace also offers two boards from Palace’s NYC team rider and artist Shawn Powers, covered in one dollar bills.  If money and politics are giving you headaches, there’s also a bunch of colorful Trippy and Linear decks with a summery feel.

Alas, this year’s Palace Spring/Summer drop again proves the brand’s crafty approach to skateboarding and street wear, and you’re well advised to act quickly on this one. Like grandparents, it’s not going to be around forever. Sad but true.

The drop will be made available for online purchase on March 10, 01:01 CET. Yes, it’s because London’s an hour early. Always the Brits, man. Always the Brits.


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