Nike SB X FTC Lunar FC

At first glance, soccer and skateboarding do not have much in common. The former is the world’s most popular team sport, the latter is either a nuisance - if you ask pedestrians and city officials – or a rebellious, anarchistic and fundamentally liberal physical activity – if you ask skateboarders. Soccer players obey a strict set of rules, including, but not limited to, time limits, training schedules and nutrition plans, while skateboarders fancy themselves libertines exempt from any predetermined laws or guidelines. It’s thus certainly owed to the apparent irreconcilability of skateboarding and soccer that the second drop of the ongoing Nike SB x FTC collaboration is so striking. What it boils down to is, why create a skateable, Lunarlon-enhanced version of a classic football shoe? Or is there yet a common ground between the two sports commonly overlooked?

Although skateboarding and soccer might not share much in practice, they both are activities with a strong sense of community. Soccer is unthinkable without its emphasis on team spirit and the abundance of fans organized in soccer clubs. And even though there’s no such thing as an authoritative umbrella organization like FIFA governing the way skateboarding is practiced around the world, skateboarders are well-known to form a strong communities of their own. In the end, the one commonalty of skateboarding and soccer is communality.

Returning to the initial question raised above, we think it’s safe to say that the updated version of the FC is certainly justified on grounds of this sense for community. After all, San Francisco’s FTC, one of the most legendary skate shops, is still cherished by locals for its strong engagement with the skateboarding community. Even if you don’t buy into the theoretical approach, we can assure you that the FC Classic is great to skate in, thanks to its updated technology. You can buy the Nike SB x FTC Lunar FC limited edition both at our store in Frankfurt or online from today.

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