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Call Me 917: Skateboarding’s Crisis Line

Call Me 917 — also known as the Nine One Seven Skateboard Company — is a skateboarding company from New York City. It was founded by Alex Olson, who also owns the fashion brand Bianca Chandon, and who occasionally collaborates with Louis Vuitton. However, Call Me 917 doesn't have much to do with red carpets and champagne-sipping: The brand is purely a skateboard company, found exclusively in select stores. The name comes from a marketing gimmick that is as simple as it is successful: initially, all that was known about Olson's project was the phone number (917) 692 - 2706 (Nine One Seven is the area code of New York City). However, we have no idea who you could reach there — long-distance calls across the pond are expensive as fuck.

Call Me 917: Between Fashion and Skateboarding

Alex Olson is one of those guys who not only skate everything to shreds but also look better than the average skater (sorry to break it to you). No wonder that Olson is also active as a model. In addition, he's also something of a fashion designer: Olson designs all the pieces for Nine One Seven by himself. For many skaters, this is an inconvenient truth: skateboarding and fashion are closely linked, after all. For Olson, who is confident even with high fashion brands, this closeness of the two worlds was one of his reasons to launch Call Me 917 in the first place. And anyone who thinks the encounter of skateboarding and high fashion is a crime can go ahead and dial 911.

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