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Not a Bad Trip: Stingwater Clothing

Stingwater Clothing is a trippy, quasi-esoteric skateboarding brand from NYC. It was founded in 2016 by skateboarder Daniel Kim, who held the distinguished title of Quartersnacks Skater of the Year at the time. Kim might ring a bell or two for everyone who’s watched the coveted Spirit Quest skate video, which has become somewhat of a classic. Stingwater clothing embraces silly, weird, and meme-worthy designs: they never make much sense, but that’s okay. Skateboarding doesn’t make any sense either when you think about it. In fact, Stingwater clothing throws rationality out of the window, which is one reason why it’s become established as one of the most popular brands in skateboarding today.

Stingwater Speshal Water Helps you Groe

No, we’re not having a stroke: Stingwater’s shtick is that they don’t give a fuck about spelling. There might be some reason behind that sentiment, but we suspect that you have to eat Ayahuasca to dig it. Daniel Kim claimed that Stingwater means “something speshal,” without elaborating any further. The weird spelling extends to Stingwater’s tagline, GROE, which apparently means “Getting Ready to Evolve.” It’s so new age-y we’re surprised Kim doesn’t live out in the Mojave desert making huts out of roadrunner poo. Then again maybe he does.

Stingwater Clothing Online Shop at Bonkers

Despite — or rather because of — the obscure marketing, Stingwater hoodies, t-shirts, and caps have proven to be very popular among hip folks with or without skateboarding backgrounds. Recently, Stingwater teamed up with Nike SB to release the limited Stingwater Dunk, adding to its streetwear appeal. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it looks like a fly agaric. You might not understand it (God knows we don’t), but not everything has a meaning. Just get in on the vibe and buy Stingwater Clothing at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.