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Baker Skateboards

Baker Brand Logo Deck 8,125" (O.G. Shape Red / White)

Baker Brand Logo Deck 8,125" (O.G. Shape Red / White)

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Baker Skateboards Brand Logo Deck

- 8,125″ x 31,5"

- Wheel base: 14,25″

- Mellow concave

- 7 ply north american hard rock maple

- Varying colors

- Free Bonkers griptape

- Made in Mexico by BBS/Generator

More about the Baker Skateboards Brand Logo Deck

Experience the legacy of Baker Skateboards with the Baker Brand Logo Deck 8.125" in the captivating Red/White colorway. This skateboard deck is a tribute to the brand's extraordinary history and the visionary behind it, Andrew Reynolds. Known as "The Boss," Reynolds has been instrumental in shaping the raw energy, rebellious style, and boundary-pushing nature of Baker Skateboards.

Since its inception in 2000, Baker Skateboards has become a prominent name in the skateboarding world. With an unapologetic and distinctive aesthetic, Baker quickly gained popularity among skaters seeking authenticity and self-expression. Andrew Reynolds, a renowned pro skater, hails from Lakeland, Florida, and has been a driving force in the brand's success.

Reynolds's journey in skateboarding began in the early '90s when his talent and effortless style captured the attention of the skateboarding community. His powerful yet smooth approach to skating has made him an influential figure in the sport's history. Fueled by his vision and passion, Reynolds founded Baker Skateboards to create a brand that reflects his ethos and pushes the boundaries of skateboarding.

The Baker Brand Logo Deck 8.125" is a testament to the legacy of Baker Skateboards and Reynolds's visionary spirit. Crafted with precision and durability, this deck delivers outstanding performance on any terrain. The O.G. shape ensures a balanced and responsive ride, empowering skaters to conquer both street spots and skatepark features with confidence.

Designed and manufactured in Mexico by BBS/Generator, the Baker Brand Logo Deck 8.125" showcases the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Every detail has been carefully considered to provide an exceptional skateboarding experience, allowing riders to push their limits and unleash their creativity.

The Red/White colorway of the Baker Brand Logo Deck 8.125" exudes boldness and style, commanding attention wherever you ride. The iconic Baker logo, proudly displayed on the deck, represents a legacy of rebelliousness, individuality, and unwavering dedication to skateboarding.

By choosing the Baker Brand Logo Deck 8.125" in the Red/White colorway, you join a lineage of skaters who have embraced Baker's unapologetic approach to skateboarding. Experience the brand's rich heritage, feel the influence of Andrew Reynolds's visionary leadership, and unlock your true skateboarding potential. Elevate your skateboarding game with the Baker Brand Logo Deck 8.125" and leave your mark on the streets and skateparks with style and confidence.

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