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GX1000 Transformer Deck 8,375"

GX1000 Transformer Deck 8,375"

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GX1000 Skateboards Transformer Deck

- Design by Joe Roberts

- 8,375″ x 32,25″

- Wheel base: 14,25″

- 7-ply

- Varying colors

- Free Bonkers griptape

- Made in Mexico by BBS/Generator

More about the GX1000 Transformer Deck

Introducing the GX1000 Transformer Deck in the width of 8.375", a true masterpiece crafted by the renowned skateboard brand GX1000. This exceptional deck showcases the distinct artistic flair of the visionary artist, Joe Roberts, and embodies the spirit of LSD World Peace.

Measuring at 8.375" in width and 32.25" in length, with a wheelbase of 14.25", the GX1000 Transformer Deck strikes the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. This well-designed deck empowers skaters to conquer the streets and skate parks with confidence, allowing for seamless execution of tricks and stunts.

Constructed from 7-ply maple wood, the GX1000 Transformer Deck is built to withstand the rigors of skateboarding. Its sturdy and durable build ensures that skaters can push their limits and test their skills to the fullest.

At the heart of this exceptional deck lies the artistic brilliance of Joe Roberts. His captivating design sets the GX1000 Transformer Deck apart, captivating the eye with an explosion of vibrant colors and thought-provoking visuals. Joe Roberts' artistic prowess infuses this deck with a sense of psychedelic wonder, captivating both skaters and art enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the GX1000 Transformer Deck serves as a canvas for the emblematic artwork of LSD World Peace. This artistic collaboration with Joe Roberts represents a celebration of freedom, creativity, and unity – core values embraced by the skateboarding community.

Proudly made in Mexico by BBS/Generator, the GX1000 Transformer Deck is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering premium quality skateboards. With every board meticulously crafted and inspected for superior performance, skaters can rely on GX1000 for top-notch products.

In conclusion, the GX1000 Transformer Deck in the width of 8.375" not only embodies exceptional skateboarding performance but also represents the boundless creativity and unity that define the skateboarding culture. Designed by the visionary artist Joe Roberts and adorned with the captivating artwork of LSD World Peace, this deck is a true work of art that resonates with skaters and art enthusiasts alike. Embrace the spirit of adventure and artistic expression with the GX1000 Transformer Deck, a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence and artistic collaboration.

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