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Independent Trucks

Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts Black

Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts Black

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Independent Trucks Genuine Parts Phillips Hardware

- 8x 7/8″ (2,2 cm) bolts with nuts

- Sticker

More about the Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts Black

Introducing the high-quality Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts in sleek Black, your essential skateboard hardware for a secure and smooth ride. But before we dive into the features of these bolts, let's take a quick look at the fascinating history of Independent Trucks.

Founded in 1978 by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, and Fausto Vitello in Santa Cruz, California, Independent Trucks has been a driving force in the skateboarding industry for over four decades. In the late 1970s, skateboarding was experiencing a surge in popularity, and skateboarders were seeking more reliable and high-performance equipment to push the boundaries of their sport. Independent Trucks rose to the occasion, becoming the first to produce durable and top-notch skateboard trucks.

With their unwavering commitment to quality and innovative engineering, Independent Trucks quickly became the go-to choice for skateboarders worldwide. The brand's iconic silver cross logo became a symbol of trust, reliability, and performance in the skateboarding community.

As skateboarding continued to evolve, Independent Trucks continued to adapt and innovate, releasing new truck models that catered to the changing needs of skateboarders. They played a pivotal role in shaping the sport and supporting skateboarders in their pursuit of excellence.

Now, let's focus on the Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts in Black. These bolts are designed to keep your skateboard deck securely attached to your trucks, ensuring a stable and confident ride. Measuring 7/8", these Phillips bolts provide the perfect length for assembling your skateboard components with ease and precision.

The black color of these bolts not only adds a sleek touch to your skateboard but also complements any deck design. Built with durability in mind, the Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts are engineered to withstand the demands of skateboarding, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your tricks and maneuvers.

In conclusion, Independent Trucks has a rich history of innovation and excellence that has made them a trusted name in the skateboarding world. The Independent Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts in Black carry on this legacy, offering skateboarders the reliability and performance they need for an exceptional ride. Embrace the spirit of Independent Trucks and equip your skateboard with the Genuine Parts 7/8" Phillips Bolts, ready to take your skating to new heights.

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