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Polar Skate Co.

Polar Skate Co. Roman Gonzales Family Archive Deck 8,375"

Polar Skate Co. Roman Gonzales Family Archive Deck 8,375"

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Polar Skate Co. Roman Gonzales Family Archive Deck

- Roman Gonzales signature skateboard deck

- 8,375″ x 32,12″

- Wheel base: 14,375″

- 7-ply

- Varying colors

- Free Bonkers griptape

- Made in Mexico by BBS/Generator

More about the Polar Skate Co. Roman Gonzales Family Archive Deck

The Polar Skate Co. Roman Gonzales Family Archive Deck in size 8.375" is a signature skateboard deck that pays homage to the legacy and style of the renowned skater, Roman Gonzales. With its unique graphics and top-notch construction, this deck is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Measuring 8.375" in width and 32.12" in length, this deck offers a versatile platform suitable for various skateboarding styles and tricks. The wheelbase of 14.375" ensures stability and control, allowing skaters to confidently navigate any terrain.

Crafted with care, this deck features a 7-ply construction that combines strength and flexibility. This ensures optimal pop and responsiveness, providing a reliable and enjoyable skateboarding experience. Manufactured in Mexico by BBS/Generator, this deck upholds the high standards of quality that Polar Skate Co. is known for.

Polar Skate Co. has a rich history deeply rooted in the skateboarding culture. Founded in 2010 by Pontus Alv, the brand quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to skateboarding and design. Polar Skate Co. stands out with its distinctive graphics and art direction, often showcasing the creativity and individuality of its team riders.

Roman Gonzales, a highly respected and influential skater, has made a significant impact within the skateboarding community. His partnership with Polar Skate Co. resulted in this signature deck, which reflects his personal style and pays tribute to his skateboarding legacy.

Embrace the legacy of Polar Skate Co. and experience the exceptional craftsmanship and style of the Roman Gonzales Family Archive Deck. With its 8.375" size, top-quality construction, and unique graphics, this deck represents the essence of Polar Skate Co.'s commitment to authenticity and innovation. Whether you're a fan of Roman Gonzales or simply appreciate high-quality skateboarding gear, this deck is a perfect choice for taking your skateboarding skills to new heights.

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